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Darkmode for Facebook Messenger-Enable dark theme

I think most of us are big fan of dark themes and you will be excited to know that there is a darkmode for facebook messenger ! Yeah you heard it right there is a darkmode for facebook!
Currently it is in process of development so you can not access it in normal way. BUT we have found a way you can actually apply darkmode for facebook messenger. If you are one of those who cannot wait until facebook official announce the new design for facebook messenger continue reading.
We assure you that the method is kinda weird but it is totally safe! The good news is it works for both android and ios versions !

Methods to enable Darkmode for Facebook Messenger

Following is the method to enable Darkmode for facebook messenger

You can enable darkmode for facebook messenger simply by using an emoji.
You read it write no kidding you can enable darkmode simply by using an emoji icon while this might sound stupid but it actually works !

The emoji to enable darkmode is moon emoji

If you’re lucky, moon emojis will rain down in the message thread, then a popup will appear at the top of the screen stating “You Found Dark Mode!” Tap this popup to turn the feature on.
If you didn’t get the moonshower the first time you sent the moon emoji, you’re not completely out of luck yet.

So now we know we have to use moon emoji but do i really have to spam my friend with this weird emoji ?
The answer is NO,the darkmode for facebook messenger can even be enabled by using moon emoji on chatbot on messenger so go ahead and spam them.


Let us learn in step by step.

Step 1) Open the chat head of any friend or any company

Step 2) Use moon emoji and wait for a while the moon emoji look as below

darkmod in facebook messenger

Step 3) After you use the moon emoji,if you are successful you will see something like below

Step 4) Congrats you are very close to enabling darkmode theme for facebook messenger, now you will get a message like this



Step 5) Click on the “Turn on Setting” and you got your darkmode for facebook messenger !

Step 6) Enjoy the theme before its officially launched you can now brag to your friends 😉


So,Let us see how do this darkmode for facebook messenger actually look like

darkmod in facebook messenger

Look pretty cool right ? So what are you waiting for go get the theme for yourself !


There are few things you should keep in mind that:

i) The update is currently their for few countries.

ii) It only work for facebook messenger and not the lite version.


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