cosmicbyte equinox alpha gaming mouse

Cosmic Byte Eqinox Alpha mouse review

Cosmic Byte, an Indian Gaming peripherals brand recently launched their Equinox mouse series which includes : 

CosmicByte Equinox Alpha gaming mouse – Pixart PMW3325 sensor
CosmicByte Equinox Beta gaming mouse – Pixart PMW3327 sensor
CosmicByte Equinox Gamma gaming mouse – Pixart PMW3389 sensor 

The budget king has come up with budget gaming mouse with top in the class gaming sensors which saves the hole in your pocket. FYI the pixart sensors are used in the top in the class gaming mouse such as Zowie series which is well known for its sensors. 

  1. Overall look and feel

    PMW3325 sensor - cosmicbyte equinox alpha gaming mouse

    Myself being a Clawgrip user mostly and fingertip grip , occasional palm grip user, this mouse fits perfectly for both the situations I have tested with. The side RGB gives a good look for the overall mouse. The mouse has two side buttons which can be customized in the application they provide with a handy DPI button above the scroll wheel which allows you to increase your DPI or decrease your DPI on the go, the best part here is that there are two physical buttons to increase and decrease the DPI rather than cycling around DPI. Would be very handy if you are a frequent DPI changer. This mouse also comes with a braided cable which makes it much more durable.
    CosmicByte Equinox Alpha fits perfectly if you have a medium sized hand – For comparison I will share you a small overview of the mouses I have used so far and how they fit in my hand, Logitech G402 is a large size mouse for my hand, Steelseries Rival 300 & CosmicByte Equinox Alpha is a medium sized mouse that fits my hand perfectly and my latest mouse Logitech 304 is a small sized mouse.

  2. Sensor
    Sensor - cosmicbyte equinox alpha gaming mouse

    The CosmicByte Equinox Alpha is packed with the Pixart PMW3325 sensor which is great for gaming and is well known for its acceleration or ‘Flicks’ as per the gaming terms. This mouse is perfect for the CSGO Flicks while you are AWPing or healing the teammates with Ana in Overwatch. There were very less shots that I have missed, thereby increasing my accuracy overall. I was really amazed to see how a little sensor can make a huge difference in your aim.

  3. Final verdict and price
    G102 being the best mouse in this segment, CosmicByte Equinox Alpha is a much better option in this price range. For the price i.e Rs.1,399 you are getting a great gaming mouse with the Pixart PMW3325 sensor with RGB and a decent mousemats which will last for a good while. Not to forget about the braided cable that adds to the price. This adds on to the overall value for money if you compare them. 


Here’s the download link to download all the drivers necessary for the CosmicByte Equinox Alpha mouse:


Stay tuned for the review of Beta and gaming mouse review!

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