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Corsair M55 RGB Pro review – The budget king

Corsair M55 RGB Pro review

It’s 2019 and gaming mouses are all about lightweight & RGB. When it comes to a gaming mouse, what I look for its the fit for my hand, the size, weight and whether it’s wired or wireless. Corsair has done it right and has made a perfect mouse which is the Corsair M55 RGB Pro mouse. The mouse itself is a well medium-sized mouse that fits any size hands to hand. Not just the size but the texture, clicks, feel everything feels perfect here. And not to forget the RGB too! Who doesn’t love RGB <3

One mouse for everyone.

Corsair m55 rgb pro unboxing


Left-handed? Right-handed? This is one of the best features of the Corsair M55 RGB Pro mouse. The Ambidextrous structure of this mouse works perfectly for both the left hand and right hand. It makes me try to game with my left hand and explore my skills! Why not haha 😀

The perfect symmetrical shape of this mouse lets to game for longer hours except if you are a claw grip like me, I click the side buttons due to my grip type. And in few games, I do use those buttons or just for general use, push to talk, assign copy-paste to those buttons, or even use all those four side buttons for streaming as well, it can use used to start the stream, stop the stream, mute mic and what not. It’s your creativity when you download Corsair’s own application iCue Application which is required to control, customize anything. You can download iCue here: Download corsair app

At first, any Ambidextrous mouse might feel weird but the more you use, the more you use the more features you can explore with it. This mouse is more than just its shape. The texture used it the mouse sizes gives us the perfect comfort and more buttons! Who doesn’t love more buttons, well lots of buttons might worse but the Coirsair M55 RGB Pro is perfect with 4 side buttons, 2 on each side with the side textures with a big DPI button right above the scroll wheel.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro technical specifications

Now that we have talked enough about the mouse, let’s check the technical specifications of the mouse :

Programmable buttons: 8 total programmable buttons
DPI range: 200 to 12,400 DPI
Sensor : PMW3327
Sensor type: Optical Sensor
Onboard memory: Yes, 1 profile
Mouse buttons: Omron switches
Weight: 86 grams
Wire type & length: Braided 1.8m
Polling rate: 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz

The RGB zones are present in the DPI indicator and the Corsair logo itself. The color here can be customized completely with the Corsair’s own application iCue.

iCue corsair m55 rgb pro application


I have been using the mouse for over a month now and the only issue I came or anyone will come across is that myself being right-handed I often clicked the two thumb buttons present on the right side of the mouse by accident.  And it pretty predictable, thereby the mouse buttons on the right are disabled right of the box and are in the right-handed mode by default which has to be changed in the iCue application. But this didn’t affect my gameplay or usage in any mode as it was disabled. Apart from this, the mouse is perfect and flawless in the different games I had tried out, let it be CSGO or Krunker I got headshots all the way. Stay tuned for our next review which is going to be even more interesting as I am going to be reviewing the Glaive RGB.

And here’s a picture of my mice collection which can help you with the size comparison :

Mouse 1: CosmicByte Equinox Beta gaming mouse 
Mouse 2: Logitech G304
Mouse 3: Corsair M55 RGB Pro
Mouse 4: Steelseries Rival 300

Mouse comparison - dotdashes

The mouse is priced at Rs. 2567 as on (12/15/19) and you can check it out on amazon.

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