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Corsair HS35 review – The best budget gaming headphones under Rs.4000

Corsair HS 35 review

The price and the headphones don’t go together at all. For the price which is Rs. 3500 on this is well worthy for the price you pay for the Corsair HS35. The first look out of the box, it’s something less plasticy but a well built one with matte black color overall and glossy black color around the earcups to make it look even more better.The corsair HS35 is currently priced at Rs.3500 right now and it can go down as Rs.1,999 which is insane! And not just that, this is also one of the most recommended headphones in a very famous gaming group in India called the “Elite 2.0 group”.

First impression out of the box – A light headphones that is not too plasticy but well built with metal size adjusters. Which is amazing to see in a budget headphones and not to forget the detachable microphones which is a huge plus for a budget gaming headphone. The headband and the earcups are padded with memory foam which doesn’t make you feel like the headphones on your head and comparing it to my previous headphones which is the HyperX cloud II, the memory foam is dense there which makes it kind of heavy but not so heavy on your head when compared to the Corsair HS35 headphones. With this, I have been working/gaming for over 5 to 7 (Totally wouldn’t recommend to sit for that long) it has been flawless and is well fit over my head compared to my HyperX cloud IIs.

And not to forget, if its hot out there these memory foams comes handy to actually let some air around as the foam is not that dense. Apart from that, the earcups itself is pretty wide and would have a perfect fit for anyone by making use of the headphone adjustments making the headphones completely flexible for anyone. And again, don’t forget the price you pay for the Corsair HS35 which can range anywhere from Rs.1,999 to Rs.3,500.

Corsair HS35 Aesthetic & specs :

Why many buttons on the left and right? The Corsair HS35 has made them handy and easy to reach with their headphones. On the left you got the volume adjustment wheel for turning the volume up and down. Right below that is the mic mute button which lets you mute your mic with a click and next to it is the 3.5mm mic detachable mic.  And all of this comes in a handydandy 250 grams which feels super light on the head.

The headphones connect to anything with a 3.5mm jack so don’t need to worry about the compatibility.

The headphone is powered by the 50mm drivers which has a frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz which allows us to hear each and every detail of the sound you hear through the headphones. The microphones on the other hand has a response rate from 10Hz to 10kHz. Technically speaking, its great to have theses specs at this price point.

Corsair HS35 – Inside the box :

Corsair HS35 inside the box -

What I feel about the Coirsair HS35 headphones :

These headphones are lightweight, good looking and inexpensive. Out of the box, the headphones bass is insane which can be easily adjusted by lowering the volume dial on the headphones or simply reducing the volume of the music. Not to mention, when you listen to some bass intensive trap music or EDM, the headphones can get so loud that it can hurt your ears! The detachable mic comes handy when you want to use the Corsair HS35 as a normal headphone as you can just remove them and keep it elsewhere rather than wearing the headphone with the mic like a flight commander or some sort 😛

The mic is crystal clear and none has mentioned about the audio issues from my microphone as I game plenty and give out lots of call outs. The Corsair HS35 has a long 5.9 foot rubber cable which is enough to connect to your devices and also a strap that will help to roll the cable and keep it tidy when not in use.

If you have a budget of 3500 to 4000 rupees for a headphones, Corsair HS35 is the right answer. You can buy them here : Corsair HS35 


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