Corsair Glaive RGB : Solid Mouse with Interchangeable grips

Corsair Glaive RGB mouse Review

When you look at the Corsair Glaive mouse for the first time, it might look like a normal mouse. Solid 10/10 looks with the best performance. But you might know about it’s the best feature of the Corsair Glaive RGB mouse.

Talking about mouse, everyone has a different grip or the way of handling the mouse. Be it Claw grip, thumb grip, palm grip or what so ever. You won’t get the pleasure of using the mouse until it fits your hand perfectly just like your life partner. Until you find one, you need to keep searching for it 😛

Just like that, the corsair glaive RGB mouse is a mouse with multi-personality. Wonder why? This mouse comes along with three interchangeable grips that can be replaced depending upon the personality or the mood you are in. With these three grips, you can get a different feel of handling the mouse. Literally 3 mice in a single mouse at the price of one which is Rs.5,175 on Amazon as on date.

As we play different games, our way of handling the mouse changes. At least for me, FPS games completely depend upon my type of grip which is claw grip and the smallest attachment for this mouse makes it perfect for those kinds of games and when you play casual games like GTA or any single-player game the grip & aim is not as important as FPS so the biggest grip in the box comes handy and is super comfortable not just for gaming but casual productivity use as well.

So before we start let me explain few questions that are most asked about this mouse :

Is Corsair Glaive RGB good?

Absolutely! You get three mice for the price of one. If you know what I mean 😛  Its a versatile piece of technology considering the things you could do with it and don’t forget the RGB haha.

How much does the corsair Glaive RGB weigh?

The mouse weighs 122 grams with the small size grip that come along.  Comparing to the lightest mouse from Corsair which is the Corsair M55 RGB which just weighs 86 gram. If you want light weight mouse, there are better alternatives from Corsair itself.

Lets talk about the design now :

Corsair Glaive RGB design specifications & review –

The mouse spreads at 3.6 x 4.95 x 1.75 inches and with the size mentioned, it is a medium sized mouse which will fit perfectly for any sized hands unless they have gigantic hands like the tall basket ball players hand.

The feel you get in this mouse is perfect and you can experiment even more with the available grips which makes it feel perfect in your hands.

What buttons you get in the Corsair Glaive RGB?

The usual left click, right click, DPI button with the bar level right above the side buttons placed on the right which definitely makes it a right handed mouse. Right below it comes the magnetic grip connector which connects to  the grips that come along with the mouse right from small grip to the enlarged grips which comes with a thumb rest! Cool right?

Conclusion :

A well designed mouse with the best in class Pixart 3367 sensor with the maximum DPI of 16,000 and that paired along with the three side grips provided makes it perfect for any kind of situation and lets you explore the different grips from a single mouse.

The precision was perfect at all times and thanks to the grips which makes it easier to get along with the mouse and not to forget the iCue software which makes it easier for changing DPI, switching color profile and even set custom profile for each games which made me perfect from switching games easier than manually changing the DPI, its easier.

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