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Basketball in messenger?

Basketball in messenger :

According to the March Madness season, its the annual time or season to play basketball. No matter where you see, you can see people playing basketball everywhere!

So the facebook team had added basketball in messenger too! And that’s the reason why facebook sends update frequently. The update on February of 2016 added a feature to play basketball in messenger.

The basketball in messenger is not just for the people who have been knocked out of the March Madness but also for those lazy people who love sitting at home.

How to play basketball in messenger :

  1. Make sure your messenger app for Android or iOS device is up-to-date to play basketball in messenger.
  2. Send a basketball emoji to anyone in order to play basketball in messenger.
  3. Once you sent, tap on the basketball emoji to play basketball in messenger.

That’s it! Compete with your friends and enjoy the March madness.

Here’s a video demonstrating how to play basketball in messenger :


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