Avermedia GC551 Live gamer extreme 2 review 

Gamecapture cards? Elgato comes to your mind first right? 

Behold the Avermedia GC551. The perfect gamecapture cards which is packed with tons of features and is definitely the future proof as this supports upto 4K 30p recording with 240hz refresh rate which we basically have never used (Atleast I haven’t used) 😛

So, lets get to the review itself. If you are a beginner to streaming or an experienced one, the only concern that comes to our mind while streaming is the quality it gives us and the user experience. The Avermedia  GC551 is a gamecapture card that perfects the quality of output as well as the best user experience. This card can capture the footage starting from 1080 60fps with 4K60 pass through. This not only lets to record at higher quality and bitrate but also ensures the stability of the quality we record. Why I’m saying this? It’s because of the 4K60 pass through this card supports, 4K60 requires ton of data & bandwidth to achieve the 4K60, when it can do that much & handle that much bandwidth. And all of that is done via the type C cable that comes along in the box. 

Here’s whats inside the box of the Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme 2 GC51 –

Avermedia live gamer extreme 2  setup

The device itself is pretty small which is handy-dandy which can easily fit your pocket and pretty much plug & play in most of the situations (If drivers are present) where you connect the capture card to PC via the USB 3.0 port, connect the desired console/smartphone/PC to the game capture card and boom, we got an input which can be streamed via the Avermedia Stream engine or can be captured as an input in the OBS or any other streaming software. Pretty much straight forward & self-explanatory if you are well versed with computers, if not there’s a guide or tons of videos online that explains how to use this. But later in this article we will be also covering on how to use this! 

Top features of the Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme 2 GC51 :

  1. Ultra low latency – Allows close to no latency while streaming, gaming and recording
  2. Uncompressed 1080p60 recording
  3. USB Type C 3.1 connectivity
  4. Interchangeable cover design 
  5. Simple one click installation

Once connected with the Avermedia Stream engine (Device should be connected for the software to open up) and you will be able to see the different options available to mess around.
Avermedia assist central
How to use the Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme 2 GC51 – 

Download the Assist Central – The Avermedia Assist Cental will help to gather all the necessary drivers required for the Avermedia Live Gamer extreme 2 or any other Avermedia game capture card in that case.  You can download from here : Avermedia Assist Central  Once you download and open up, it pretty much does everything for from detecting the device to getting all the necessary drivers for it. You can see it from the picture below : 

Avermedia LIve gamer extereme2

Once you connect the card to your PC or laptop, its pretty straight forward. Power up the game capture through the type C port and use the HDMI IN port for the input, meaning which ever device you wanna capture or stream and automatically the feed will come up. In case you want to have the output to a separate monitor, use the HDMI Out port.

Overall, this is an allrounder game capture card and well future proof with the 4K60 recording feature and the ease of usage. This capture card retails around 20K to 25K given that the technology it uses and the value for money is high here. You can check out the card here at amazon – https://amzn.to/34rAcD6 

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