Audials Radio App Review – Good Free Music??

So everyone likes free music, you can store all the music you want offline but it does get boring sometimes.  And while you can stream music online, digital services like Spotify face myriad restrictions. This includes Spotify blocks by schools and offices, requiring tools like a VPN to unblock. Hence, since we all want to listen to something new, radio is the perfect way to listen to new and unknown tracks. I personally jump into radio when I’m driving or in need of new and fresh tracks but today most of our smartphones do not come with FM Radio and most people hardly do not care much for radio. Its the time of online radio now and Audials is a solid radio app that is not talked about that much.

What is Audials?

Audials is radio app that catalogues more than 80,000 Radio stations and more than a 100,000 podcasts from around the world. It’s a simple and easy to use radio application that also has a few nifty tricks up its sleeve. You can just jump into the app and hit a radio station and Audials pre-buffers a small portion of the content and starts playing music. Its as simple as that


How well does it work?

Audials is pretty simple to start up. You just download the app and open it and you are greeted to a home screen with a tile layout. From here you can then tap either radio or podcasts. You have the search option from where you can search for music with a few keywords or just search from the different categories or playlists already available. After you’re done searching you can just tap the station you want and Audials prebuffers some content and starts playing. You can also play songs locally stored on your phone, its not as powerful as an individual music app but does work when you want to listen to a track real quick.

Screenshot_2016-08-10-22-17-56-941_com.audialsThings just don’t end there though, Audials offers a few nifty features one of them being zap. The zap feature lets you find stations playing songs similar to the one you are currently playing. Just hit the zap button and you are redirected to a new station that is playing the same kinda song that you are listening to. This feature makes it easy to find cool new radio stations.

There is also an inbuilt 5 band equalizer that lets you tweak your music to your liking. Since its just a 5 band eq its pretty barebones but it does allow for some basic sound profiling which is nice.

There is also an alarm and sleep feature that does exactly what it says it does. The alarm mode lets you choose a time to wake up and a station to go with it. So when its time, the alarm goes off with the selected radio station playing instead of the alarm tone. You do have to be playing the station you wanted to go with the alarm before setting the time for the alarm to go off. The sleep function is simple, you select the time period you want to keep the radio playing and the app keeps playing until the time runs out after which it turns off.

The last two features are the inbuilt dark and light theme switcher (which is pretty self-explanatory) and the inbuilt radio recorder which lets you record songs that you are listening to. You can also schedule recording for a station just in case you want to record a particular Radio show that you want to listen to later. The recorded songs are saved locally and can be offloaded too.

Screenshot_2016-08-10-22-18-03-414_com.audials Screenshot_2016-08-10-22-18-18-930_com.audials Screenshot_2016-08-10-22-18-32-074_com.audials


So in conclusion, Audials is a solid radio app that every radio lover must try. There is something for everyone in the app. It’s not perfect. For instance, the home screen could be better and a few minor tweaks to the design would help with the overall experience but it does tick most boxes and is nice to use.

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