Asus Zenfone 3 – Review!


Okay I usually use a phone for quite a while and put it through every single test I can and use it as my daily device for quite some time and then draft my final review on the product and recommend it if its good and suggest you stay away if its bad but the zenfone 3, in my opinion, is a good phone that you better stay away from. Why you ask, let me elaborate in a bit but before that let me get the basics out of the way


The design of the Zenfone 3 is stark change from the zenfones of the past. It now sports a glass and metal build that feels premium and fits in well with the design trend that 2016 has set. There is attention to detail everywhere, the buttons have reflective concentric circle detail to them, the glass back reflects off the light in a eye-popping way. The Metal reinforcement in the sides provides a solid feel. This is straight up one of the best-built zenfones i’ve got my hands on and all this is a step in the right direction. The old plasticky feeling ASUS phone designs are now all but gone and the new ones have a bit of oomph factor to them and I like what I’m seeing here.

Specs and performance:


The variant I’m using sports a Snapdragon 625 chip and this is one of the first chips from Qualcomm that uses the 14nm Finfet manufacturing process, the other one being the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, it’s also coupled with 3 Gigs of ram and 32Gigs of storage. Specs in 2016 matter only so much. The zenfone 3 in real world usage is quite the performer and it surprised me at how well this phone works, apps open up quick, gaming is handled really well and the heat is kept under control because of the smaller CPU diode. I was throughly pleased with its performance.


The Zenfone 3 comes with a 16MP rear camera, with PDAF, OIS and Dual Tone Dual LED flash. The front camera is a 8MP shooter. The images shot on these cameras are great. Great color reproduction, Good saturation levels, ample amounts of detail. The video too turned out to be great. These cameras too are a step up from the previous generation Zenfone Shooters. The improvements here are great and this camera is a solid preformer.

Display and Battery Life:

asus-zenfone-3-battery-2 asus-zenfone-3-battery

The zenfone 3 comes with a 5.2 inch Full-HD Super IPS display. This display is a nice one, good viewing angles, bright enough to be seen under sunlight, nice punchy colors and overall a great display to view. The battery that is powering the Zenfone 3 is 2600 mAh non-removable cell that get this phones easily through a regular use day. The chipset’s power efficiency is what saves the day here and I was satisfied with the battery as well.


This is one area that the Zenfone 3 has not changed much from its predeccesors and that is a bad thing. The huge amount of bloatware and cartoon like interface that Zen UI provides just spoils the beautiful asthetics of the phone. That said, it does work well and doesnt boggle down the system. The Zen UI 3.0 that this phone runs is based on Android 6.0 Marshamallow.


Okay, through out the phones there have been a lot of positives that ive listed down but all this still doesnt wanna make me recommend this phone. This Phone Retail for Rs.22,000 and at that price this phone is stretching its stay in the market. This is Snapdragon 820 territory. Phones like the Mi5 and LeEco Le Pro 2 can be purchased for a thousand more. Those phones offer far better performance and a few added features too to the mix. The Zenfones of past used to be high powered phones that sold for cheap but with Intel stopping Mobile SOC production, so did the subsidies that came with them from Intel. I say that give the Zenfone a year more to reflect on whats happened.

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